Like a Queen 👑
The Ultimate Bundle.

Breathe Like a Queen. Move Like a Queen. Cry Like a Queen.

A 3-program bundle to step into your full feminine power, release all that isn’t serving you and start embodying magnetic energy, owning your voice, and taking up space in this world. The daily guidance and practices to own who you are and unapologetically go after what you want.

Like A Queen will continue to change your life, if you allow it to and provides the structure for constant recalibration to your next level.

last chance to join! We start in:
3 days
12 hrs
22 mins
34 secs

Your energy speaks louder than your words.

Like a Queen will help you own who you are, step into unshakeable confidence and embrace your feminine energy so that you can feel safe in getting out of your comfort zone to go after what you want—no more procrastination, exhaustion, or guilting yourself about feeling behind.


A Queen has all the tools to healthily process her emotions, regulate her nervous system and embody her feminine energy so that she can feel confident in her self-leadership and powerfully magnetize her wildest desires into her life. 

Unshakable Confidence. Magnetic Power. Embodied Worthiness.

Tell me, is this you?

  • 1 Your inner voice in your head is a mean b*tch yet she keeps on winning with her loud yelling for you to stay in your comfort zone.
  • 2 You worry about what other people think and notice you fall into the comparison trap often, making you feel shitty about yourself.
  • 3 Your number one goal is productivity, slowing down seems impossible and your life revolves around your to-do lists and work emails.
  • 4 By the time you finish work you’re exhausted, and pleasure, getting intimate with your partner (or dating) feels like a chore.
  • 5 You know what you want for your life but you find yourself stuck in distraction and procrastination, feeling like you’re not moving forward.
  • 6 You know that anxious pit in your stomach too well and struggle to shift out of those low days, causing regular guilt and shame and pain cycle.

Imagine if...

  • You learn how to embrace your feminine energy so that you use intuition to guide you, experience pleasure through your senses, so tht you can see how to slow down time and embody magnetic energy which means you can effortlessly magnetize what you want into your life without hustling or feeling exhausted at the end of the day.
  • ​​You’ve removed the blocks from your body so that you feel SO worthy and are able to tap into your inner Queen power (aka bad b*tch energy) so that you wake up every day feeling calm yet confident, knowing exactly what moves to make.
  • You step into your fullest feminine power and no longer second-guess who you are or battle your inner mean-girl voice. You know who you are, what you want and how to get it and wow does that feel freeing and empowering!
  • You learn how to regulate your nervous system and emotions through daily practices that you love so that you feel calm and focused every day which means you’ll find it easy to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You released the suppressed emotions and energy stuck in your body so that you feel lighter and more in a flow state which means you’ll feel unstoppable in taking the daily aligned actions towards your big desires.
  • You release your obsession with productivity and have eliminated distraction and procrastination so that you can finish work feeling satisfied and fulfilled, knowing that you’ve done enough and allowing more time for pleasure and the things that turn you on.

Breathe. Move. & Cry.
Like A Queen

My proven signature systems of breathwork, femme embodied flow & emotional regulation, to
take the hustling women

from overthinking & exhaustion to
the confident, calm & embodied Queen in 60

Who is this for?


You're a busy woman who’s addicted to productivity. You live in the hustle, do everything ad a fast pace addicted and know you’re disconnected from your body and emotions. You have resistance to slowing down and a fear of not being productive.

You’re a planner, you have everything mapped out and you like control because you have high expectations of yourself and others. You love a good self-help book junkie, thank you, next is your motto, aka you know you’re not really implementing what you’re learning.

Life looks great from the outside yet you desire MORE (pleasure, sex, intimacy, money & confidence). Your inner voice is a mean girl who keeps you in your comfort zone and you spend a lot of time in your head overthinking. You KNOW you're destined for more & you're ready!

What’s inside?

  • Breathe Like a Queen (30 day program): 4 x 60 minute live breathwork workshops + short daily breathwork practices based on the theme of the week.
  • Move Like a Queen (30 day program): 4 x live 60-minute workshops + 4 guided femme flow practices based on the theme of the week.
  • Cry Like a Queen: 6 practices to complete in your own time as and when you need, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes in length.
  • Private Facebook Community for your fellow Queens to share, grow, support and connect.
  • Everything you need (the daily guidance, practices & support) to own who you are and unapologetically go after what you want and the recalibration structure to continuously step into your next level.
  • BONUS: Access to all my juicy playlists to embody different feminine archetypes + structural guidance to create your success system to hold you accountable + journaling prompts to create you own intention & clarity.
take a peek inside
the programs

Breathe Like a Queen

A 30-day journey of feminine embodied breathwork. You’ll breathe your way from survival mode of doing and over-achieving into safety, trust, surrender and connect with your womb and pleasure center, stepping into your power and embodying your inner Queen through a variety of breathwork techniques.

Each week focuses on a theme and includes a live 60-minute workshop + guided daily practices to do morning and night. This provides the masculine structure and the guidance to allow you to flow in your magnetic feminine so that you can recalibrate to the next level in your life, focusing on the specific desires you’re currently manifesting.

  • Introduction
  • Week 1: Finding Safety & Embodying Trust (Meeting your Inner Masc)
  • Week 2: Connect with your Womb & Pleasure Center
  • Week 3: Stepping Into Your Power
  • Week 4: Embody Your Inner Queen 

Move Like a Queen

A feminine embodied flow movement practice guiding you to explore the depths of your body, expanding your pleasure capacity, and embodying magnetism. You’ll get out of your head, liberate stuck emotions and move in an intuitive way with your body taking the lead.

This practice will change you and you'll be hooked!

  • Week 1: Remember & Reconnect
  • Week 2: Emotional Liberation
  • Week 3: Be Seen, Queen
  • Week 4: Magnetism Flow

Cry Like a Queen.

It’s time to feel your feelings and cry Like a Queen. What does that mean? This isn’t a structured program, but rather a powerful resource portal of 7 emotional liberation practices allowing you to process your emotions healthily, feel them to heal them, find pleasure in pain and breathe, move, and sound your way back to your inner badass state. Your emotions and feelings won’t be scary when you have all the tools to support you in processing them.

Processes include:

  1. Sacred Tantrum & Rage Release Practice
  2. Feel to Heal 
  3. Emotional Liberation Through Breath & Journaling
  4. Anger Breathwork 
  5. Move Through Sticky Energy - Shaking 
  6. Sadness Practice 
  7. Stress & Anxiety Relief
hey there

I'm Steph Morris

My mission is to make the world a more authentic and loving place where women own who they are, feel turned on by their life and get to have it ALL.

I help you connect to the infinite magic and wisdom of your body so that you can be your own hero, meet your own needs and create the most delicious reality beyond your wildest dreams where you take up space, own your voice, love who you are and make a tonne of money along the way.

You are not broken. You are not inferior. And fuck yes, you are enough exactly as you are! Now it's time to tap into your infinite magic and go what you want, Queen - now it's your time!

Is Like a Queen

for you?

This is for you if…

You’re ready to open up, get out of your comfort zone and be guided to try new practices.

You’re eager to learn, to take full responsibility for everything in your life and to do the deep work.

You’re ready to have it all, to take your relationships, sex & money life to a whole new level.


This is noT for you if…

You expect results without putting in the effort & energy. Doing one practice and saying it doesn’t work is not the vibe.

You’ve already decided that this won’t work for you yet and know you won’t fully commit but then you can prove to yourself that it just didn’t work for you.

Are you ready for this, Queen?

Pay in full

$444 USD

Everything you need (the daily guidance, practices & support) to own who you are and unapologetically go after what you want and the recalibration structure to continuously step into your next level.

  • Breathe Like a Queen
  • Move Like a Queen
  • Cry Like a Queen
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access (including future updates)
  • VALUE: Over $1,000 USD

2 Monthly Payments of $250 USD

Everything you need (the daily guidance, practices & support) to own who you are and unapologetically go after what you want and the recalibration structure to continuously step into your next level.

  • Breathe Like a Queen
  • Move Like a Queen
  • Cry Like a Queen
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access (including future updates)
  • VALUE: Over $1,000 USD
A Queen never settles.

Ready for
clarity, certainty & confidence?

Don't get to the end of another year wishing you were further ahead. Choose YOU now and open yourself up to creating results beyond your wildest imagination when you step into your embodied Queen energy. An investment into YOU will come back 10x, producing far more results than your daily coffee or weekly expensive dinners.


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