Come home to your body, fall in love with yourself & embody Magnetic energy (that gets you whatever your heart desires).

Here's the thing..your openness to receiving pleasure reflects your openess to receiving life, money, business and love. And your obsession with productivity is blocking you from experiencing pleasure and you're ultimately cockblocking yourself from receiving the deepest love (I'm talking self love & in relationship) and flow of money into your life (ya know, those things you so badly want).
It's time to let that shit go, stop feeling stuck & raise your vibration to become a magnet to your deepest desires. I'll show you how through this 6 week transformational journey and empower you for a lifetime with the tools and practices you'll learn 


Magnetic has completely shifted the lens from which I view my life and my power. Steph has been the facilitator of my dreams, guiding from her own innate body wisdom and intuition to lead other amazing women deeply into their own bodies. I am so grateful to Steph for living her purpose of guiding women like me back to themselves. This work is so powerful when one is willing to surrender to vulnerability and tap into the Magnetism that lies within the Feminine body.

I am showing up in the world with authenticity and grounded energy in myself like never before. I feel refreshed and encouraged to shine my light brightly while standing in my own purpose. I give my deepest thank you from my heart to Steph and the other beautiful women in the container of Magnetic for walking this path alongside me. The version of myself walking out of Magnetic recognizes that this investment in myself is already expanding my energy into the universe and in turn will bless me and those I serve exponentially. Magnetic is sooooo worth it, and most importantly so are you Goddess.


I don't think I can put into words the impact that Magnetic has had on me. I feel more me than I ever have before because this program has given me the tools and practices that I needed to experience to ALLOW myself to just be me. Before this, I would have said that I was authentic, spoke my mind and that I knew who I was and I stand by that; but now I feel ready to SHARE my beautiful self with more people now. Magnetic just strengthened my belief that "the body knows", all the answers I need are already inside of me. I cannot thank you enough!
It was so beautiful to just BE in my body again and move it the way it wants to be moved, feel what it wants to feel. We are so "busy" that we don't do this often enough and it had be a while since I had moved like that but as soon as I did, I was reminded how good it felt and I am now trying to do it at least once a day! xx

It's your time to... 

💜 Get out of your mind and deep on embodiment of your whole being.

💜 Release those suppressed emotions that are stuck in your body and keeping you feeling stuck

💜 Crack your heart wide open & fall in love with yourself and stop being in a daily battle with your mind and body

💜 Release your obsession with productivity so that you can finish work feeling satisfied and fulfilled, knowing that you’ve done enough

💜 Slow down and and actually start enjoying the life you’ve created

💜 Raise your vibration so that you feel lighter every day and become an energetic match to your wildest desires, effortlessly attracting them into your life 

💜 Deepen your self trust and strengthen your intuition, meaning big life decisions and will be much easier for you to navigate and clarity will be yours.

💜 Flow in your feminine energy, expand your capacity to feel and be confident releasing control to surrender to the flow of life 

💜 Feel like the most magnetic, pleasure-filled woman who experiences the little things in life in a whole new way as if you’ve been reborn into the most vibrant, pleasurable world.


Are you ready for your whole world to change? 

🔥 You'll feel deeply embodied and connected to your beautiful self, heart and grounded in your inner comnfidence.

🔥 How you feel internally will completely change, you'll feel infinite self love, calm, confident & tapped into limitless possibilites.

🔥 How you show up in your relationships, in your business and on social media will change and become so effortless and embodying the most authentic and real you.

🔥  Those desires you've been working SO hard to achieve, will feel so easy to receive. No more pushing, forcing or controlling.

🔥 This container is going to be deep, there will be emotions, there will be depth, there will be uncomfortable moments. You’ll be seen, witnessed and beautifully held in a safe, supportive, loving container - all of you is welcome here. We’ll explore pleasure, sensuality and deep self love and know that when it comes to my containers, NO topic is off-limits, all questions are welcome.


Who is this for?

  • The busy 'workaholic' woman who is used to operating in her masculine and in the domain of productivity were slowing down feels impossible and ‘me’ time comes last
  • The woman who is used to go go go mode, living to check off the to-do lists where self care and self pleasure feels like a chore
  • The woman who lives with her head in the clouds and is tired of feeling exhausted and anxious 
  • The woman who has experienced heartbreak or is ready to fully open her heart to prepare for a deep, loving relationship
  • The woman who is ready to unlock deeper and more orgasmic, full body pleasure and you know that deep connection to your body has been the missing piece


Steph's workshops are amazing, I have done a few now and it's always an awesome experience that takes me places I didn't even know I needed to go. She has really brought breathwork into my practice on a new her meditations are also great. I love her energy & her vibe.


Steph is such an absolute pleasure to work with. Her calm demeaner and listening skills, especially in a big group makes you feel safe and heard. She always made every session magical and special.


Steph is amazing at leading! If you show up with an open mind and heart - you will get what you need. I’m grateful for the experience and I love working with Steph! She’s a genuine person and is passionate about this work, it comes through in everything she does.

Are you ready to become the magnetic, pleasure-filled woman?


Here's what you can expect over your 6 week journey…


  • Week 1 - Forgiveness & Somatic Releasing

  • Week 2 - Infinite Self Love

  • Week 3 - Redefining Pleasure & Expanding Your Pleasure Capacity

  • Week 4 - Sensory, Self Touch & Sensuality

  • Week 5 - Living Turned Up & Turned On

  • Week 6 - Embodying the Feminine, Magnetic, Pleasure-Filled Woman

    All calls will be recorded. Includes access to a group Voxer with regular support & additional practices.


As soon as you join, you'll get access to week 1 and every 7 days the new addition will become available. EVERYTHING can change in 6 weeks - are you open are ready?

Pay In Full

$333 USD

Best Value Option!

  • 6 week Magnetic program
  • 6 x 90 minute workshops
  • Daily breathwork & pleasure practices


$1,111 USD

Ready to go ALL IN?

  • Magnetic 6 week program
  • 2 x 60 minute 1-1 coaching calls over
  • 4 weeks of private Voxer support

Ready to come home to yourself & feel more "me" than ever before?

As you make this decision, I invite you to take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to get into your body to make the most aligned decision for you. Your mind is probably saying “there’s not enough time” or “who has time for love and pleasure”.... Breathe deeply and ask your body what she wants, there you’ll find your answer.