18th to 23rd September 2023

Wild & Free Retreat in Costa Rica

Wild & Free Retreat is a 5 night transformational experience of sisterhood, somatic healing, liberation and reclamation of your pleasure & feminine power.

This is a journey of remembering, reclaiming, of meeting new parts of yourself and letting old parts die.  

Where you take your power back over your femininity, pleasure, sexuality and sensuality, releasing generations of shame, trauma and stuck emotions.

You'll discover how to nourish your nervous system, meet your Sensual Goddess, reclaim your Wild Woman and leave embodying the Queen that you are.

Is Wild & Free Retreat right for you?

This is for you if…

✅ You're operating at a fast-paced level and have high expectations of yourself. It feels like things can never slow down and your to-do list consistently gets bigger & bigger.

✅ You wake up daily knowing you're staying safe in your comfort zone, playing small in key areas of your life, or shying away from your true potential around what you actually desire for your life.

✅ You have so much bottled up inside of you. Your voice is powerful and what you can offer to the world is HUGE, but you feel like you've been closed off in life and wearing a "tough girl" exterior, not truly connecting with what's within.

✅ You're someone who takes care of everyone else, constantly putting your energy out and serving those in your life, meaning you come last and you feel the ripple effects it's taking on your nervous system.

This is noT for you if…

❌  You're not willing to put in the work and expect that investing in this retreat alone entitles you to certain results yet you're unwilling to actually go deep.

❌  You're stuck in victim mode, always blaming other people and external circumstances for why you're not where you want to be in your life.

❌ You're not ready to show up with an open heart and open mind and judge the women and practices we'll be doing before you even experience them (fear and resistance are normal, judgement and not willing to open won't work in this space).

"I was able to go on such a deep journey, I'm leaving as a different woman embracing my divine feminine, feeling so sexy & free. If you're on the fence, book it now!"

Alicia, 7-Figure Business Coach, UK


"This experience has been fun, amazing, challenging & I'm so excited to take this all home with me.
I think every woman should experience this!"

Nicole, USA


"I was pleasantly surprised by how in-depth the workshops were and how I learned so much about myself. My favorite moments were when we were all dancing & being so free."

Mandy, USA


"I expected magic and I was not disappointed - Steph blew this one out of the water for me, the magic of the connection with sisters you just have to experience and we all definitely experience that here."

Carolina, USA


This is your remembering & reclamation.

For the busy woman wearing lots of hats, this is your remembering and rebirth where you'll experience a death of your ego and a connection to your true self and purpose in this time-collapsing experience. 

If you're ready for your next level of expansion, quantum growth and to meet YOU 4.0 (because I know you're always evolving & obsessed with growth) then this is for you.

Wild & Free Retreat will crack your heart open, break down that hard exterior and peel back any masks you've been wearing. You'll uncover the real you, connect with new feelings and suppressed parts of yourself, dance in the moonlight with your fellow goddesses and have a magic experience that you'll remember for a lifetime.

You'll be fully seen, supported and guided into the depths of your body so that you can heal, remember who you are and leave with the fierce, unstoppable and magnetic confidence that lies within you.

Imagine if...

  • 💭 You reconnect with your FEMININE energy, come home to your body and experience pleasure in everything you do.

    🤩 Picture this, you're going out for dinner and instead of grabbing your usual jeans and tee, you pick out the outfit reserved for "special occasions" because every day feels like a day worth celebrating. You practically float out of the door feeling like a divine, sexy goddess and your partner says "woaah, whatever you did at that retreat, do more of!"

  • ​​💭 You let yourself go, reclaim your SENSUALITY in a sacred space with the other goddesses and experience feeling your entire body turn on through orgasmic breathwork.

    🤩 Picture this, instead of going for your usual afternoon coffee while you slouch over your desk, you tune into your body and feel guided to do a pleasure breathwork practice. You barely finish the practice before you feel energy pulsing through your body and a genius idea downloaded into your brain and your exact next moves to make.

  • 💭 You allow your inner mean girl to die and discover who you the fuck are, what you want and you leave as the BOLDEST version of you KNOWING that you're done hiding and playing small.

    🤩 Picture this, you go home after the retreat and finally show up for yourself on Instagram in a new authentic and vulnerable way. You remember who the fuck you are and no longer worry about looking perfect or saying the “right” thing because it feels like there is a fire burning inside of you and you can't stay quiet on what you have to share.

  • 💭 You released the suppressed emotions and energy stuck in your body and you FINALLY let go of the pain, closure and walls you've been clinging onto. You feel magnetic and UNSTOPPABLE.

    🤩 Picture this, you get home feeling like you’ve lost 10lbs due to all the healing and emotional baggage you left behind. You’re smiling at everyone on your morning walk, you feel like your vibrating with energy and then strike up a conversation with the person behind you as you pick up your coffee shop. The interaction feels exactly what you were journaling about that morning, this woman is your exact ideal client. You think, "wow, it gets to be this easy.”

  • 💭 You allow yourself to be SEEN and do the deepest healing work of your life, while HEALING your sister wound and leaving this experience with 10 lifelong friendships.

    🤩 Picture this, you're able to go to one of your new retreat besties, get on a call and be able to feel that support together when you feel lonely going through a challenge in your relationship.

What’s included in the Wild & Free Experience?

  • 5 x nights accommodation in an Oasis Jungle Retreat House with Ocean Views
  • Nourishing Meals Served by our Private Chef (we cater to all dietary requirements) 3 x meals per day
  • Roundtrip Airport Transportation from San Jose airport to Uvita Retreat House on Arrival and Departure
  • 9 x Workshops guided by Steph Morris: Feminine Archetype Play, Sensuality, Transformational Breathwork, Somatic Releasing, Femme Embodied Flow, Orgasmic Breathwork and more.
  • 5 x Morning Routine with Roselle Pasetes including Kundalini Yoga + energy healing.
  • 3 x Ceremonies with Guest Experts: Sound Healing, Ceremonial Cacao and Ecstatic Dance.
  • 2 x Wild Woman excursions: Beach + Nayuca waterfall.
  • 1 x 90 min Post Retreat Integration Workshop - Up to 4 weeks after the retreat to support you in your integration, growth and reignite the connection with your soul sisters.
  • Short brand shoot with our amazing photographer Ashley + 20 images of you + access to the entire retreat photo library (Option to upgrade to a longer brand shoot)
  • NOT included: your flights
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My greatest issue before attending this retreat was staying in the comfort of my hiding. Ohhhhh but not anymore! I'm broken open! I have already begun using my voice more, speaking my truth without hesitation, asking for help from my supportive loved ones, and holding firmly to my boundaries. And I am more aligned in my soul mission on this planet in this body than ever before! The connection with soul sisters never ceases to impress me and open me up in new ways that I couldn't have dreamed.

Attending Steph's retreat for me can be equated to a coming home within myself. I tapped back into my feminine archetypes and tasted their unique medicines again. I honored my body and soul, while listening to that inner pull to dive deeper into areas that were more unfamiliar or out of my comfort zone. All of this for me meant unparalleled growth for my soul and connecting back to a deep remembrance within myself. I cannot thank Steph enough for honoring her sacred mission by carrying her medicine throughout the experience of this retreat. I am forever grateful and open to the blessings of this life!

Womb Healer, USA

I have a much greater understanding of various parts of myself, how they show up, how I can connect with them, and different areas in which I could improve upon. Also in connecting with these parts (the sensual goddess, wild woman, and queen archetypes), I gained a sense of empowerment and insight to my magnetism and pleasure that comes with the embodiment of each. I think it has allowed me to bring a new energy into many aspects of my life where I was feeling pretty null and intentional to what I want from life in the future. 

This was a really great experience!! 10/10 recommend it to anyone who asks. If you have anyone who reaches out with interest and would like to talk to someone who has done it, I am more than happy to share my experience with them. I hope more women will get to have this in their life!


I didn't know what to expect before going but from my experience at the Wild and Free Retreat I have now been able to be open about my wants and desires. I feel more confident and opened to journaling, breath work, kundalini yoga and feminine embodiment. Everything was so valuable, I loved it all and everything about the wild and free retreat - I would so do it again in a heartbeat!

Brand & Boudoir Photographer, Canada

I'm extremely grateful that Steph created such a wonderful retreat! My family is amazed by the way I have changed, including physically - my face is radiant and I feel grounded and calm!

hey queen

I'm Steph Morris

Just a few years I was living on a hamster wheel going through regular hustle and burnout cycles feeling exhausted and insecure on the inside yet with a tough-girl exterior on the outside. 

So what changed? I reluctantly took a week out of my busy, fast-paced life to attend a retreat in Costa Rica, where I knew nobody. 

That experience was the catalyst that changed everything in my world and within the next 12 months my relationship went from almost over to falling in love again and getting engaged, training to become a coach, starting my business, and stepping into the self-expression, authenticity and confidence I'd dreamed of my whole life. 

Retreats are a yearly non-negotiable for me and have supported me in becoming the woman I am today.

It's my honor to guide you on this life-changing Wild & Free experience that I've created for you.

With certifications in feminine embodiment, trauma-informed breathwork, meditation, female sexuality, tantra, relationship transformation and masculine and feminine energies combined with my own life experience and daily devotional practices, all I'm going to say is I hope you're ready for this wild ride! xoxo

Meet Roselle

Roselle will be supporting you throughout your week, assisting Steph, guiding you in your morning practice of Kundalini Yoga and doing energy work to support your healing and transformation. Steph & Roselle met at a retreat in Costa Rica in 2021 and have been great friends since - you never know the connections you'll make at a retreat!

Choose Your Room, Goddess

Jungle Casita Double Room

$5,000 USD

  • Jungle Casita Double Room w Private Terrace & Ocean View

  • Shared with 1 other goddess.

  • Only 2 spots are available.
  • Standard pricing is $5k.
  • Pay in full for the best value + BONUS of Like a Queen bundle (Value: $444)
Jungle Casita Double Room

$875 USD x 6 months

  • This is shared with 1 other goddess.

  • Only 2 spots are available.
  • Standard pricing is $5k.
  • Must use your special code to get the pre-sale discount.
  • Access to an extended 8-month payment plan.
Private King Poolside Room

$5,000 USD

  • Private King Poolside Room ( shared bathroom)

  • Only 1 spot available.
  • Pay in full for the best value + BONUS of Like a Queen bundle (Value: $444) 
Private King Poolside Room

$875 USD x 6 months

  • Private King Poolside Room ( shared bathroom)

  • Access to an extended 8-month payment plan.
Double Goddess Room

$4,850 USD

  • Double Room in either the main house or Casita

  • Shared with 1 other goddess.

  • Only 3 spots are available.
  • Pay in full for the best value + BONUS of Like a Queen bundle (Value: $444)
Double Goddess Room

$848.75 USD x 6 months

  • Double Room in either the main house or Casita

  • Shared with 1 other goddess.

  • Only 3 spots are available.
Single in Poolside Room w Shared Bathroom

$4,600 USD

  • Single in Poolside Small Room w Shared Bathroom

Single in Poolside Room w Shared Bathroom

$805 USD x 6 months

  • Single in Poolside Small Room w Shared Bathroom

take a peek at a sample schedule

Day 3: Sensual Goddess

Each day you'll be guided to embody a different feminine archetype. Here is a sample schedule of what the day may look like for embodying the sensual goddess (you're encouraged to bring outfits to support you in embodying each archetype, details are shared upon locking in your spot).


  • 7:30am Morning Routine (Drop in, journaling + Kundalini Yoga) 
  • 9am - Breakfast
  • 10am - 1pm Workshop - Orgamsic Breathwork & Sensual Femme Embodied Flow
  • 1pm - 2pm Lunch
  • 2pm - 4pm -  workshop
  • 4pm to 5pm - Chill / Pool time
  • 5pm - Guest Expert Sound Healing Ceremony
  • 7pm - Dinner
  • 8:30pm - 9pm - Bed

 Note: You will not receive the full schedule as in this space you're encouraged to surrender and be in flow. You will however receive a packing list to support you.


Ready to feel calm, wild, alive and free?

This is your experience to get everything you need in one for your next-level expansion. From the new modalities, you'll experience, to the emotional healing to exploring Costa Rica's ocean, jungle & waterfalls, to the sisterhood connections and embodiment of your higher self, including the brand photoshoot to capture your glow-up (and images you can use in your business or to document your growth).


I don't know anyone, can I attend on my own?

I might fly in early or stay for a few days afterward, can I still get the transfer?

How do I know if this is right for me?

Where do we fly to?

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?